# The Standar Snake

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The corn snake, furthermore referred to as red rat snake, belongs to the genus Elaphe and species guttata guttata. Colour alteration is diverse, and thumbs down two snakes are the same. Corn snakes are standard in the snake hobby since many mutations are unfilled.

Corn snakes are straightforwardly recognised by the 30 - 60 brown-red saddles along the back of the snake, as well as the spear-point on the head, and black checks on the tummy of the snake. 

Corn snakes occur genuinely in parts of New Jersey, Florida, Louisiana and Tennessee. Juveniles are born by around 15 - 20cm in part and be inflicted with a container grey background colour with dark brown blotches. Adults will grow to a most part of around 1.3m. Corn snakes will get to sexual maturity by 18 months. Females lay anywhere from 5 - 25 eggs in a clutch. Corn snakes are hardy, even tempered, breed straightforwardly and commonly sort out well in captivity, making splendid pets. 

Great Plains rat snake
The splendid plains rat snake,Elaphe Guttata emoryi, is the following subspecies of Elaphe guttata, and it resembles the corn snake in many ways. It has the same build but is vaguely better than the corn snake. The splendid plains rat snake presents with a light grey/brown background colouration with dark brown - black saddles. Juveniles resemble the adults and are much larger than with the intention of of corn snakes and much more aggressive. Great plains rat snakes occur genuinely in parts of Mississippi, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico and Mexico. Clutch sizes are fewer than the corn snake. Great plains rat snakes integrate genuinely with corn snakes and are often used in captive breeding programmes to strengthen blood shape. 

Grey rat snake
One of the better Rat Snakes, the Grey rat snake, Elaphe Obsoleta spiloides, reaches a part of around 1.5m. These snakes furthermore be inflicted with a much thicker girth than the corn snake. These snakes can lay up to 30 eggs in a clutch. The grey rat snake presents with a light - dark grey background colouration with darker h-shaped blotches along the part of the snake. The tummy is white with grey flecks and the snake has a silvery eye. 

The grey rat snake occurs genuinely in parts of Kentucky, Mississippi and Alabama. The grey rat snake integrates genuinely with the black rat snake, yellow rat snake and Texas rat snake, everywhere distribution borders overlap. Juveniles resemble the patterning and colouration of the adults and are born by around 20cm in part. A light alteration occurs, called "Oak Phase" and these get on to stunning specimens. 

Yellow rat snake
The Yellow rat snake,Elaphe Obsoleta qadrivittata, has a unadorned bruise and pattern with the intention of is straightforward to identify. The yellow rat snake presents with a pale brown to sharp yellow background bruise. The pattern varies, depending on the age of the snake from saddles in juveniles and sub-adults to four stripes in fully developed specimens. Yellow rat snakes be inflicted with a pale white tummy and they be inflicted with yellow/orange eyes with black tongues. 

The yellow rat snake is native to southeast United States of America, parts of Carolina, Florida and Georgia. Juveniles are born by around 20cm and are a light grey with dark saddles which exchange into yellow and stripes as the snake matures. Yellow rat snakes grow to a part of around 1.5m. Yellow rat snakes are a reduced amount of aggressive than grey rat snakes. The yellow rat snake integrates genuinely with the black rat and grey rat snake in the wild. 

Everglades rat snake
The Everglades rat snake,Elaphe obsoleta rossalleni, is a beautiful snake presenting with sharp orange-red background colour with black stripes or faint saddles along the back of the snake. The distinguishing figure of the everglades rat snake from the yellow rat snake is a red tongue. 

Similar to the yellow rat snake,Elaphe obsoleta quadrivittata, the everglades rat snake grows to around 1.6m in part and is a hardy, straightforward to keep and well natured snake. The stunning colouration of the adults is could you repeat that? Makes the snake could you repeat that? It is. Viewed in these photographs, are yearling everglades rat snakes. The orange colouration is solely early to trade show on these yearlings. Adult specimens will be a sharp orange-red colour. 

Taiwanese rat snake
The Taiwanese rat snake, Elaphe Taeniura taeniura, often referred to as Taiwanese beauty snake or stripe tailed rat snake hails from parts of southeast porcelain, Burma and Thailand. The Taiwanese rat snake presents with an scarce pattern and colouration. The latter 1/3 has a yellow stripy, the head has two black stripes extending backward from the eyes. The bakcground colouration is kaki conservational to a yellow-green. It has black blotches along the feature and along the back with flecks of white. 

The Taiwanese rat snake, grows to 2.5m on mean. The juveniles are born around 40cm long and will take fuzzies readily. Juveniles resemble the adults in pattern and colouring. Taiwanese rat snakes are furthermore quite arboreal and need a generous enclosed space. The Taiwanese rat snake has proven to be quite tricky to breed in captivity. Clutch sizes vary from 6 - 12+ generous eggs, with the intention of often be inflicted with to be graze around hatching calculate, as the shell is too thick pro the snakes to graze themselves.


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